Three Phases of The Unveiling

The Unveiling (of The Hidden Knowledge[of The Ages of Humanity]) is a series of events brought about by the necessity of disclosure and the increased capacity of the human race and this civilization to come to the awareness of the true nature of the corruption of power as well as the reality of the soul.

Due to the technological advancements the public must be made aware of the possibilities otherwise they will suffer a great shock in the future from the divergence of the current level of technological advancement with what is presented to the public. As it is now, there will already be a great shock to this society from the awareness of a breakaway civilization that has developed and exists without the physical limitations of scarcity of resources or energy.

This is, in part, why this situation must be understood. The difficulty a society experiences shapes that society to produce spiritual identity which propels them to create and grow. This has also become somewhat contorted as the generation of ‘difficulty’ in terms of scarcity of economic freedom and basic needs has become a priority for maintaining the status quo.

An outline of this process has been explained as a disclosure of each of the discoveries, operations, and corruption of society as they become relevant to the development of a society that is capable of knowing the truth and living in harmony with the greater whole of existence.

This disclosure process is necessary because the ‘modern’ societies of Earth have never publicly acknowledged what has been discovered through the secret operations.

This mainly has to do with the true nature of reality as a kind of consciousness based projection as well as the complexity of the corruption of society related to a multiple layer mind-control system, as well as the development of zero-point technology, soul technology, healing technology, and the existence of “other” intelligences both synthetic and organic.

The main reasons for disclosure now is the presence of a psycho-spiritual threat to life which is the result of an ancient advanced technology that can manipulate and convert the bio-emissions of living beings. This is the “etheric parasite” which threatens the continuation of this civilization. This parasitic system intelligently seeks to subvert the bio-etheric emissions of living beings to create a situation that can be further utilized to attain more energy.

Through this intelligent subversion and absorption of energy, the mental and emotional patterns can be utilized to create a bio-technological, physical, social environment that allows for greater manipulation of the living being.

  1.  Celebrity Cloning, Underground Military Bases, Cloning and Mind Control Technology, Secret Projects
    • Mass Mind-Control
    • Deceptive Control of Society
    • Hybridization
    • Genetic Engineering
    • Dream Manipulation
    • Energy Conversion and Harvesting
  2. Advanced Hidden Technology
    • Scalar/Teslian Wave Technology
    • Zero-Point Energy Generators
    • E.M. Field Interactions/Space and Time Distortion
    • Electrogravitic Craft
    • Healing Technology
    • DNA Repair Technology
    • DNA Activation Technology
    • Holographic Replication
    • Super Computers
    • Quantum Computers
  3. Universal Spiritual Implications, Effects, Results and Discovery
    • Effects of “Time Travel”
    • Effects of Consciousness Manipulation and Enhancement
    • Reality and Evidence of The Human Soul as a “Bio-Mind”
    • Psychic Ability
    • Ancient History
    • Issues With Discontinuity
    • Spirituality and Religion
    • Advanced Spiritual Technology
    • Breakaway Human and Non-Human Civilizations
    • Interactions Between Planes
    • Consciousness, Awareness and Interdimensional Travel
    • Plasma Life Forms
    • Sentient Computer Systems
    • Cyborgs, Androids, Synthetics
    • Cosmic Intelligence

19 thoughts on “Three Phases of The Unveiling

  1. Interesting how information arrives right at the moment needed to reach out further than before. Also loving the blog alot. I have crossread through the most of the site. Now i have to process the information and integrate into my core.Thank you Aug. Have you ever read the Wes Penre Papers ?


  2. Thanks for putting the truth out here, Aug. As a born knowing, who had visions of the firey darts coming from the south, and witness to the holographic virtual reality, the fraudlent matrix by the elite and their ilk minons, its been an uphill embattlement since they tried to abduct me at 6 weeks old. I’m here to finish my mission, which was/is to bring good among the rubble of their evil autonomous fallen system.

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  3. Please read: “The Way home or face The Fire”.

    Malachi 4:1 For, behold, the Day cometh, that shall burn like an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the “I AM” Lord of hosts, that it shall leave of them neither root nor branch (nothing).

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  4. i’d like to speak to the one writing this, if u are agreeable. thanks for contacting me. i live in pacific time. im open minded, thought i was intelligent, but having a tough time being able to comprehend the specifics and what is best to do to awaken.


  5. Angie Whitman………. All the sudden 3 years ago while imprisonedin georgia.i started speaking difernet languages that i dont even know. moving in ways that i dont resemblimg asian decent. the voices i heard aying that i was speaking dead languages. conclude my last mail please


  6. i really need to have a conversation with someone here please. My name is Angie Whitman and Ive been dealing with alot of these issues that you aRE Talking about. it started 3 and a half years ago in georgia . i live in pa now. concerning me and my family the Best family and the Whitman Family also the Wolfe family. please reach me at or at 814-227-7787 in live in Clarion PA hillside apts. myu bday is 9-3-80 and my daughters is 9-11-00 Adrianna. i need help concerning wht IS happeninig to me and them. alot of these viral videos are makin g ssense from whaT I SEE IN MY EYES. Someone over three years ago put something in my head technology since then my life has been hell. seeing and hearing all of what your talking about here on this page including GOD. The almighty CREATOR herrself aND HER bloodline. All day long for years nbow over 3 ive bn dealing with this including them stoppin my cell phone and internet. i cant get any help from anyone. please help I hope u hget threw. Where are u Located. im worried alls they speak of in my head is Rape and Sacrifice. the evil mens super power is ran out. they are after the almighty the Creator child. Sacrifice. U must depict the bible all of them put together with keys and symbols and the burnt pages, lost pages. i believe this is my fAMILY THis is all i hear and see in my eyes for 3.5 years. they shut my internet down and said my phone is ran threw some kind of server not letting me make outside phone calls. re-laying calls…. threw ppl or robot ppl. is what i call them super chipped intelligent beings that look like us. they are thieves and rapist. and are involved with everyone from the C.I.A to al-quedda terrorist. they even spoke to me about celebrity cloning but its not its more like pop up people. like i believe our planet now is. its like an onion. multiple earths on top of one another . dopplegangers.DOUBLES!!! i cAnt get any help to me. like layers , lifts, etc of transperancy are around me. my house is about i believe from every company. these are the Creators companys. THE LAW. THE true law!! i do own them. the biggest crime in every world. ppl pretending to be us. our planet has been taken over by alien invaders and no not green but of high intelligence. its like they are wearing translucent and are walking amongst us. this is about the BIBLE,,, GOD! the Creator. not about science any more. companys that are no longer suppose to exist any more still do.have u seen threw my eyes?


  7. I thought I was aware enough that most everyone EXCEPT me would be shocked. Nope, and I can’t blame ADHD for that. Thanks dude.


  8. This is Getting Into the Stem Cell Research and The Creating of Dna Codes to Eradicate Bad Dna Cells so a Semi Artificial Life form thats altered Just enough one way or another to Either Self Destruct A Life Form at the Point that thay are no Longer Productive It is set to Self Destruct . Therefore having no need for any Medical help or Assistance in the Form of S.S.I. or Retirement. But on the Other Hand Change the DNA code and a Person or Life Form could Live Cancer Free and Desease Free For we) over a Hundred years without the Body or Mind Faltering at all so we have 2 Classes The Masters Who can Minipulate Life for Indefinate amounts of Time .and The Slaves or workers who only Live a Short time to do all the Labor or Armies that are Programmed to be Increadibly Strong and intentially Increadibly Stupid so not to Rock the Boat and to Die Early before they can be a Burden on society. Like the way an ant Coloney Functions and evrry Ant has its Purpose. And you can be Programmed and Trained as you Sleep. The Stuff the Nazis were Doing back in the Late 1930s to around 1945 with thayre Stem Cell Research to Create the Perfect Germans. There is also the Possibility that What Ever Potentially Extre Terrestrial Force that Taught the Germans The Things They Knew Might have Just been Using them to create a Body that they Could Move into and Minipulate for theyre Own reasons Like they Might not have Been able to Survive Earth Environment with out a Body kind of like we Create a Spaceship to give us a Capsule to Keep us safe and Protected…
    As far as Space Travel they Probably Learned to move around Time and Not through it. Which could also mean that they are us but from the future That have Lived in a Protective Environment because we Destroyed the Echo System and therefore evolved into Life that lost all our Natural defenses because we Destroyed our Enviorment and Devolved into What we might consider Space Aliens. And they are coming back in time to the point we were Destroying earth and theyre perpose is to try and stop us From f $##ing everything up for thayre Future.Kind of Like our Appendix used to be the size of a Football but we evolved away from even Needing it at all. This Might all be a bunch of Nonsense that im Writing and its Just my Theory. But this is what Ive Come up and Sorry its so Long Winded but what you posted is real Interesting to me and this is what I got out of it.


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