Cloning was developed as a way to protect important individuals and as a part of a specific set of secret projects which involved reaching the goal of extending the consciousness of one individual beyond the original body.

Cloning was incorporated into military research and this is because of the original explanation of ‘matching with equal level force’.

It was theorized if one group is capable of gaining access to cloning technology to produce viable soldiers that ‘enemy’ groups would also be able to produce such results. Thus the cloning experimentation began as a supplement to other research was accelerated through the use of cloning.

This led into an acceleration of genetic engineering projects on the same line of reasoning that if our group could produce this technology than others could as well and the determination of whether to proceed could not be determined by the lack of the enemies capacity to use such technology as a weapon. This is usually the line of reasoning behind the weaponization of new technology, that if it can be theorized then another group could attain that level and use it against us.

At this point in history, there is a viable option for humanity to work together and live in harmony with each other. What we offer does not have to be fought over as differences through isolation and rejection, but it can be allowed to accent and enhance the social experience as long as we remember to continue to progress and better refine the knowledge of the self as a duty we have to ensure the preservation of our civilization.


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