Genetic Engineering

These projects were combined to bring about a military division that could match the level of force of any conceived threat.

The conceptions of these threats were based upon information attained through the previous developments of advanced technology, electro-gravitic craft, mind-control technology and methods, cloning, other intelligences, and what is referred to as an “etheric virus”, a spiritual disease, or a parasitic sentience.

All of these discoveries led to the equal discovery of a potential for misuse as well as an ongoing progression of trauma and disruption of the species from unknown means.

The experiments ranged from psychological conditioning, physical conditioning, to specific genetic enhancements and complete genetic engineering.

Human bodies can be produced from the genetic level up and can be geared towards a variety of tasks that can be fulfilled to a greater degree than a human from the larger gene pool.

This also relates to how the technology that is discovered at each layer has the potential to disrupt the natural flow of civilization if misused. If genetic engineering becomes the norm the resulting distortions may sever the access of this physical society to a viable long-term future.


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