Mind Control

These systems were developed to preserve the status quo as well as protect the valuable information that could potentially threaten the continuation of this civilization.

The main issue is an etheric parasite which operates via the bio-emissions of the mind and advanced technologies and distorts perception so that the awareness of the individual becomes subverted and the individual is utilized for the intentions of a non-human organism.

To elaborate, there are currently multiple layers of mental control that cover the truth, the reality of the situation, behind successive layers of realization. When one layer is discovered, then the truth behind the origins of that distortion and layer is revealed. The layer that is revealed is yet another distortion of the truth and this continues many layers deep until at the core there is only energy and the system uses the attention and spiritual energy of the people to maintain itself.

This can be related to the “9 Veils” and this may be exactly how deep the control system is layered to the point where the entire realm we are in is a kind of containment system for spiritual energy with certain aspects of the body, brain and mind existing only to reflect and maintain one’s awareness at this physical level of existence.


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