Underground Bases

The underground bases are heavily secured facilities which relate to many aspects.

Many of the operations take place in deep secure underground locations and these act as command centers for many systems.

Another way this relates is that these bases have become so advanced that they may be described as sufficient societies that can be completely self-sustaining if it is so required.

Breakaway civilizations may exist in natural underground environments or industrially constructed underground bases.

There is an Antarctic base where many experiments began.

There are locations which are naturally capable of sustaining energetic vortexes which produce scalar distortions that produce a fluidity of consciousness and matter along a multidimensional spectrum. At the time of reading this information, you are most likely maintaining a vector equilibrium along the temporal dimension that remains continuously referenced against the day and night. There are methods and natural ways that this objective scale of reference becomes distorted or entirely replaced and this has to do with the electromagnetic fields of the brain in relation to the collective field people inhabit on “Earth”.

This relates to how the public knowledge of what is called “space/time” is inaccurate and essentially half of the equation. I am not well versed but I was told that Maxwell’s equations were censored along with a few other publicly accepted scientific notions.

Training, Simulations and Learning

Part of what went on in the underground base experiments were to design “tests” or “labyrinths” with various people, props, traps, and treacherous situations that were to be navigated and escaped from.

Feedback loops of the brain, consciousness, and environment can create a very complex and integrated learning experience that is customized to each individual learner.

What this would do is create an individual that was capable of learning faster and faster and processing information in a more efficient manner.

This is not the same as specifically trauma-generating situations.


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