Advanced Technology

It is difficult to describe how technology relates to this situation.

We can start with the initial “Special Access Programs” and “Unacknowledged Special Access Programs” of the early years.

These projects stem from WW2 and the development of weaponry that could defend against an all out advanced technology war. The goal was to match the level force that the enemy could generate.

This expanded from the knowledge that the “enemy” nations could produce ample offensive which included energetic weaponry and craft. This extended from Tesla’s early discoveries as well as other prominent scientists.

This was the discovery of modern scalar technology that could be used to influence the mind and biology to heal or to disrupt.

Healing and Travel Potential

Some of the technology deals with healing, some with genetic manipulation, some with consciousness and time. There are electrogravitic craft that can alter inertia and momentum to make a heavy vehicle appear to have no mass to its surrounding space and move at the speed of thought without the physical sensation of motion. This is through using technology to generate a ‘bubble’ of frequency using advanced computers and ‘zero-point’ energy generators that work similar to radiant energy devices.

The technology branched into many fields all of which were protected through a strict containment protocol which ensured none of the discoveries would reach the public view. This was the birth of the mind control situation that we have today.

Evidence of Earlier Civilizations

With that said, earlier forms of this technology are present in previous civilizations such as Aegypt and indigenous civilizations all over Earth. As well, mind control and psychological manipulation can be traced to very early civilizations that used various means to coerce their populations into agreement with the status quo.



Cloning is utilized by Solar Warden to preserve their genetics while providing various forms of support, defense, and investigative operations.

The underground bases involve the cloning of various individuals, namely celebrities, for the personal use of wealthy individuals or groups. These events are mixed in with scientific research and genetic engineering projects which involve many hybridized forms as well as entirely genetically engineered beings.


Brain to Machine Interface Holographic Consciousness System (brainchip interface, virtual reality simulator)

Some of the training is done by entering into a visual-audio dream-world. Some “programs” will consist of repeating a certain task over and over again until it becomes muscle memory in the brain. Others are designed to probe or test the mind until a certain response is received.

Spacial Temporal Distortion:

Particle Accelerator Temporal Manipulation

Using particle accelerators a “fold” in space/time can be made so that when the accelerator is turned off or tuned back into a certain frequency (not sure) everyone within the field will “snap” back in time to the specific moment when the fold was first created.

Time Tunnels, Hyperspacial Vortexes or “Portholes”

Using Tesla generators technology was created to alter space and time by creating undulations or waves the same way a boat creates waves on the surface of a lake. By creating a vortex a singularity could be generated which can act as an access point through hyperspace into another area of space and time.

Zero-point and Scalar-Field Technology

Zero-point energy is energy that comes from the sub-quantum interconnected layer of all space/time. These devices are used to power craft and high energy devices such as replicators.

Advanced Spiritual Technology

DNA Acceleration Device

There are spiritual technology devices that are capable of accelerating the function of the brain, energy system, and ultimately the activation of DNA.

These devices generate energy waves which target an area and unify the physical and spiritual bodies. The conscious and subconscious mind.

Mind Control Technology

Memory Implants

There is technology that allows for the implantation of memories which are perceived as vague dreams or as vividly as a waking life experience.


Various forms of holographic mind entrainment, memory implantation, and consciousness or EEG entrainment is used to manipulate the personality of an individual to conforming to an introduced ideology.

Memory Suppression

The same technology can be used to electromagnetically alter the perception of memory so that the personal history can be edited to match a specific storyline.

Trauma-Clearing, DNA Unlocking Technology

There is technology that exists that allows the conscious mind to see into the subconscious. This heals trauma and distortion/programming. In the same sense, it momentarily makes all trauma and distortion seemingly tangible to the conscious mind. It is similar to a near death experience where one has to face their fears and let go. This happens in cycles and Earth is currently moving through various states of it. The plan is to allow Humanity to wake up and utilize our concentration and power to maintain a steady flow of awareness.

Advanced Technology and the Transition

Everything is recorded with advanced technology. Devices can be utilized to remote view into time and space.

Ascension Device

There are higher dimensional devices which accelerate the DNA while simultaneously, safely exposing the conscious mind to the subconscious in order to activate the latent spiritual/higher dimensional awareness.


One thought on “Advanced Technology

  1. First I want to extend my thanks for bringing this information to public awareness as limited as it is, I myself am still dealing with it. My question is if Solar Warden and all the hidden projects along with these breakaway societies know of our future don’t they also know that we have won this fight already, and if that being the case how are we as a society here not privy to the advanced technology yet?

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