Secret Space Program – Solar Warden

As a result of the previous discoveries, it was agreed that a non-terrestrial military group should be developed which could maintain the preservation of the ‘human race’ should any number of scenarios arise.

Initial Space-Defense Fleet

They are the initial arm of the defense department responsible for the protection of Humanity from non-terrestrial threats. The operations began when the military gained the technological capacity to operate using advanced technology that enabled interaction with other areas of the Universe.

At first this was one nation, producing one military branch that would maintain security should this need be. Very quickly this became the nations of Earth seeking to produce a military branch that could defend against the increasingly present threats sourced from ‘non-human’ intelligences, rogue and corrupt breakaway factions utilizing advanced technology, and any other threats that may be detected.

As of now there are many different groups which can be referred to as “factions” each with their own agenda with differences and similarities in the overall scheme of thing. Ultimately there are generally two-directions and that is those who are working for the preservation of the human-race and those who are working for the destruction and enslavement of the human population.

The situation has developed into a new format and this is because disclosure will soon be appropriate.


Reach The World

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