Deprogramming and Trauma-Clearing

The nature of physical experience is to pull from a variety of probabilities based on what the individual chooses to generate through their immaterial experiences and their material experiences. Half of human experience of physical universe is the mental and emotional experience of of what can be called the immaterial self.

As a result of this reflexive feedback loop of generated experiences, trauma or difficult experiences can produce an influence on the psyche of the individual which draws in more traumatic experiences. This is the generation of trauma from an initial traumatic event.

Humanity as a whole is said to have gone through collective traumatization referred to as the ‘fall of man’. These are events that took place long ago during other civilizations which altered the genome and the psycho-spiritual identity of this species until such distortions can be acknowledged and healed.

In short, humanity has been here for a very long time, much longer than is publicly accepted and there have been many technologically advanced societies that did not suffer the lack of psycho-spiritual awareness that many experience today.

The information of consciousness is related to DNA and traumatic memory is stored within the genetic level until the consciousness inhabiting the physical vessel can fully activate the potential by healing and overcoming the distorting effect of the trauma.

With psycho-analysis the distortions in consciousness can be detected and isolated and the disharmonious patterns can be remedied.

Fear is the frequency through which these distortions appear. As anyone interested in psychology should know, fear can be represented in many different ways other than the classic fear-response. A person who ignores a distortion in consciousness will eventually protect such an etheric/emotional injury through all the other reactionary emotions which seek to preserve the personality. This nature of the psyche relates to what is called the ego, yet it is not entirely accurate to say that one should completely remove or overlook the ego to heal. The goal is produce a healthy ego that is capable of representing an adaptable personality that does not protect the distortions in an effort to preserve the personality. That aspect of the personality is illusory as it is a projected personality that does not actually serve the whole being.

This partial awareness of the self is the epitome of the spiritual disease that is being described here and this relates to this time as well as the previous civilizations on Earth.

The Veils

Everyone born on the planet is born under a series of veils which entangle and filter the original source consciousness. These veils must be ‘broken through’ in order to return to source.

These veils have to do with the temporal existence of Humanity through the Multiverse and the advent of this technology as well as what can be called a resulting effect on the pure essence of the life force of Humanity. The spiritual energy was refracted in a way that ultimately separated various elements into a deviated and dimensionally splayed out form.

In the breaking of the veils the conscious and subconscious mind merge and the trauma and programming is brought to the surface and the fractured consciousness is healed. This is a sacred process and must be carefully controlled and initiated by those who have mastered the experience.


One thought on “Deprogramming and Trauma-Clearing

  1. Your information always reaches me on so many levels.
    Thank you Aug for all you do and for all this information,
    it has had a tremendous effect within me, in making sense
    of the insanity and of my life, thank you with all my heart.
    I pray ongoing for your well Being. I met with you in the
    dreamtime on several occasions, I recall.

    Can you recommend who one could contact in the work
    of breaking thru the veils and merging the conscious and
    subconscious? Do you do this work? Thanks for letting me know.

    Jacquline Heart


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